My Story

 My name is Jason Dial, everyone calls me Jay for short. I want to first off thank you for visiting my site. I will do whatever I can to help you attain the body and lifestyle you want. Personal training has been a goal of mine after I returned from the military. I got into fitness at a very young age, always playing sports whether it was baseball, soccer, track, football and MMA. After high school I received a scholarship to play football at Southwestern College in Kansas. I spent two seasons playing football but I decided to serve by joining the military. I had to train in a totally different way that was completely different from anything that I have ever trained for. After leaving the military, I needed to find a way to relieve stress. Physical fitness was the best option to rid stress and stay healthy. This lifestyle led me to develop Body Force Fit, a business dedicated to meeting people where they are and help clients achieve their best fitness level.

My goal as a fitness professional is to change your life. I am passionate about helping others get fit and achieve their goals. The great thing about personal training is that I get to see the changes and the positive impact on my clients' lives. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my clients work hard, give great effort and get the results they want.




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