Want to look good for an event? I can train you to look your best for that day.


Each client will receive their own personal evaluation, a workout program made specifically for their fitness needs. Measurements will be taken and assessed on a scheduled basis. Supplement needs will be recommended to attain their best health goals.


Each session is approximately 45 minutes long with a 15 minute warm-up session.

Referral Program


1 new client that signs up-1 free session

2 new clients= 2 free sessions and a t-shirt

3 or more new clients= free boxing gloves, t-shirt, and day at the spa plus 1 month supply of vitamins

$100/membership fee

12 Sessions

Body Force Fit T-Shirt

Online Program

Diet Plan

Body Force Fit T-Shirt

Workout Plan

Personal Training
First Session Free!

Tailored Workout Plan

Diet Plan

Body Force Fit T-Shirt

Bi-Weekly Measurements

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